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Hannah Loves A Hard Dick


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 16-02-2015

I can never get enough free smut of cute amateur cunt teens with pointy little boobs and this perverted Mannequin Girl has some of the firmest little boobs of any coed I’ve ever known. In addition to unspoiled boobs, perverted Little Hannah has one sweet little cunt. Imagine spreading her sweet pussy-lips and slowly sliding your throbbing dick deep inside – then download all of her video clips from the membership area of Glass Mannequin and wank to your heart’s content – join today and get full access to tow more exclusive teen smut sites featuring hardcore, solo and lesbian video clips of this perverted brunette bitch.

Hannah Loves A Hard Cock

Download the full video

Hannah Loves A Hard Cock

Download the full video

Hannah Loves A Hard Cock

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So You Wanted To See My Cunt


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 10-02-2015

Here are the rest of Sadie’s movie clips from her first dildo scene. She managed to fuck herself with the sex-toy for a while then she stuffed her own fingers as deep as she could in her wet coed cunt and finished the job the way she does in private. One thing I like about real homemade sex movies is the teens get down just like they do when they are not being filmed…. real teens having real sex.

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Sadie has more than a unsurpassed coed cunt, this coed also also a unsurpassed set of firm natural rack and a round coed butt. When Sadie rolled over on the couch and put her butt in the air I just about blew my was in my pants. It’s a good thing I had my camera in my hand or I would have been jerking off as I filmed her stuffing the pink dildo in her little coed cunt.

Watching a coed finger fuck herself is one of my favorite things in the world and when Sadie started to quiver in orgasm, it really turned me on. This was her first ever orgasm on camera and it was grand to be able to shoot it for all of you. If you like what you see here, you can download the entire high-quality movie on our main site at

In addition to this hot homemade movie, we have hundreds of shoots and thousands of photograph of first-time amateur cunt teens doing everything from nudes to hardcore group sex. For the some of the best shoots of real amateurs anywhere on the net, be sure to check out one our sites: Glass Mannequin, Bring Me Your Sister and Real Colorado Girls.

Nobody Throws A Cunt Party Like Papa


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 07-02-2015

Outdoor Party Sex orgy gs booty bnts brunette cm gndWinter’s been fucking my fellatio so I dug out a few pictures from one of my parties last summer. The lucky fucker in the middle of this mess is Russ – that stupid bastard got more pussy that night then I did – but not by much. The party started good but got better when Anistaija started munching Candice’s cunt in the hot tub – it didn’t take long for the rest of the babes to jump in and pretty soon, it was a full blown coed sex orgy. Josie’s the floozy in the picture with the kitty tattooed on her back – she’s pretty involved in munching Anistaij’s coed twat and as memories serves me, Anistaija bragged about how good she licks pussy for weeks after the party. Russ was fingering Candice’s pussy as Candice and Brooke checked out each other’s huge natural tits. Aerynn, Glass Mannequin’s very own “Booty Slut”, is busy finger-fucking Josie. PapaGMP, that’s what the little tramps all call me, is doing his best to keep the camera dry.

We always tell the neighbors when we throw a party to keep harmony in the neighborhood. Luckily, only one of my neighbors can see into the yard – after hearing I was throwing another party, he planned a “poker game” on the same night and invited all of his friends over. Right in the middle of our little outdoor orgy, I look up to see five old men watching our sexual adventures from the comfort of my neighbors back porch. Each one of them with a beer in one hand, and a pair of binoculars in the other. The little sluts that I associate with couldn’t give a flying fuck who watches them having sex so they kept right on fucking – making a truly memorable sex show for my neighbor and his buddies.

Lucky for me, I have plenty of cameras lying around the house and enough on my teenage friends know how to use them, so we got some pretty good porno pictures and some even better amateur cunt porno video clips of the orgy. After things cooled down in the hot tub, we all moved inside where two babes were fucking on the kitchen counter. I had to break up a argument between Candice and Anistaija over which couple got the only remaining bedroom – people were fucking all over my house and I was about to join in! But first, I had to video the hot three-way action going on in the upstairs bedroom. Candice had won the argument and here, Brooke, Candice and Ricky were fucking like sex-crazed maniacs when I walked in. I handed my vid camera to Pete and grabbed the Nikon. Filming a fuck fest is always a fun thing to do.

After it quited down a bit, I grabbed the two remaining 18 year old babes and took them off to my room.

Attending a party at my house is always a lot of fun – stop by to see just how crazy a bunch of coed babes can get at an old perverts house.

Coed On Coed Video Clips


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 01-02-2015

I think I’m turning into a fucking lesbian! I’ve always known I liked teens (hell, what kind of heterosexual man doesn’t?) but all I want to do lately is sit around and look at lesbian porno. Hot teen cunts getting eaten out by teenage sluts, painted fingernails sliding into shaved teen pussies, brunettes tongue fucking blonds, and hot lesbian sextoy sex.

JosieJoe JaydaGarcia amateur teen gfm lcm lesbian brunette amateur teens shaved dildo gnd gkgfinger my pussy

When I ran across these free lesbian video clips, I knew I had to share them with you. This mini-site has a bunch of great video clips of Josie fucking Jayda – and Jayda has one of the sexiest little teen pussies I’ve ever seen. You can really tell that she’s enjoying having Josie eat her little shaved cunt and that’s what I like – true lesbain sex! None of the BS where the teens put their face by the other teens pussy and you can tell she’s not into it.

lesbian dildo sexlick my teen clit

Pink pussies and a blue sextoy – sounds like fun to me! And from looking at these free lesbian shoots, I can tell that the teens are having fun. Especially Jayda – the way she giggles, the way she grabs Josie’s blow job and pushes her face into her pussy and the way she curls her toes as she reaches orgasm…….. Yes, I’m pretty sure I’m really a lesbian at heart!

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Real Homemade Sex Movie Of Hannah


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 26-01-2015

Sure Hannah knew the camera was running – in fact, I’m pretty sure it turns nasty Little Hannah on to watch her own sex video clips. The good thing is they guy that made the homemade porno put it in the internet for us all to enjoy – and not just these 20 second porno scenes – you can see the entire homemade smut at Glass Mannequin

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Hannah’s little cunt was sloppy wet after the old guy finished finger-fucking her as he licked her puffy clit. Hanna was now ready for a good old fashioned fuck. Bending Hannah over the bed, the old guy stuffed his puffy pecker deep into the teenager’s tight little cunt and listened for her to beg to be “fucked harder”.

Of course, the old guy ain’t stupid so her put Hannah on top, face up, and proceeded to spank her little cunt until poor Hannah begged for mercy. He then rolled the sexy coed over and fucked her hard – finishing by shooting a over-sized load of hot sticky spunk on her chin.  See the facial in slow motion by joining Glass Mannequin today. By joining, you allso get full access to Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me Your Sister – all three sites – one low price.

Little Sister First Porn


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 21-01-2015

Sexy teen Autumn Breeze wrecked her brothers cars and has no way to pay him back for the damage. So when the brother found the old mans ad in the newspaper he knew it would be a immaculate way for his sister to pay him back.. Not telling his sister that she had to make a porn with the dirty old man and  he gets to shoot it ,this naughty teen is in for a immense surprise…To see this sexy brunettes reaction to finding out her brother is a fucking pervert join Bring Me Your Sister

Car Trouble

Car Trouble

Putting the sexy young teen on her back the old man dives face first into Autumn’s pretty pink cunt, while squeezing her boobs making her moan with pleasure from the old perverts tongue. This little cunt seems to enjoy the fellatio so much that she forgot your brother was only inches away from her half undressed body. To see more models like this one and read there Bio check out I’ or view her gallery on papasfreeporn

Brother Films Sister

Brother shoots Sister

The skankalicious teen starts hopping up and down on the old mans immense dick  giving her brother a look at her saved cunt and tight ass.. Knowing the brother is only a few inches from his sister the old pervert decides to show the fat brother his little sister brown eye..To see more of what the pervert brother got to see Join Bring Me Your Sister

Nice Teen's Ass

Nice Teen’s Ass

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Mountain Meadow Sex


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 17-01-2015

Colorado smut star Thena Sky loves the outdoors, and has done numerous outdoor sets for Real Colorado Girls, and Glass Mannequin and since the weather has been gloomy  I thought you might enjoy a new scene of Thena getting fucked by an older man in the beautiful Colorado mountains.

Couple In The Woods outdoor oldny hym brunette xxxp sbj bfc skinny gnd

Thena Sky And Richard Nailder in the Colorado Mountains

Getting the  little skank in the mood was not nearly impossible. As an outdoor teen, Thena Sky gets wet from a light breeze and the wind must have been unblemished that day based on how quickly she got on her knees, slobbering all over the old mans thick dick. Download the full scene here.

Thena Blowing An Older Man

Thena Sky Sucks A Fat Cock

But the old pervert wanted more than his dick slobbered on, he wanted to feel it deep in the skinny girl’s wet little cunt. Bending her over next to a tree proceeded to fuck her from behind as he took in the beautiful scenery. You can see the entire scene on Real Colorado Girls or view the free trailer here.

Bent Over ANd Fucked

Thena Sky Getting Fucked By Her Friend

Thena Sky has done over 50 photo sets and scene s for Real Colorado Girls download them all here.

Two Wet Cunts


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 10-01-2015

Here’s two hot young horny teens ready to show the pervs at Glass Mannequin how they like to get wet and wild in the shower. Dropping to her knees Josie Joe uses her sweet tight mouth to pull back on Lezlie’s white thong giving you a look at her pretty shaved cunt. With Lez’s pierced nipples hard as a rock you know this little cunt is enjoying every bit of Josie  foreplay. To See more sexy bitches get wet and naughty Join Glass Mannequin.

Two sexy Teen In The Shower

Two sexy teen In The Shower

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Perverted Fun With Smokie Flame


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 05-01-2015

Some coeds are just naughty and Smokie Flame is one of the naughtiest girl’s I’ve ever fucked – this dwarf redhead fuck-hussy loves boner and it doesn’t even bother her that her brother is just inched from her boner-filled cunt. I’ve worked a few times for Smokie Flame but the most memorable was out first shoot for Bring Me Your Sister where her brother filmed her sucking and fucking my throbbing boner.

Naughty Fun With Smokie Flame

The sex with Smokie Flame was so top-notch that I can’t even remember what what she did to piss her off but this first video clip led to us filming again – not only for Bring Me Your Sister but also for Glass Mannequin. You can also follow Smokie Flame on Twitter – while you’re at it, follow me, Richard Nailder on twitter too for the latest updates to all of my sites. But before you run off, enjoy this free trailer of my first time fucking the naughty little redhead Smokie Flame.

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<-- smokieflame xxxp sisp hym redhead plts lbts petite bfc -->

Teen Camel Toe


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 30-12-2014

Anistaija was one of the first amateur cunt models to ever work for Glass Mannequin and she is still one of the cutest skinny coeds I’ve ever known. These images of her masturbating by pulling her pink underwear into her shaved little teenager cunt and making a real sexy camel toe were taken a few weeks after I first met her. Her and her girlfriend had stopped by the abode to chill in the hot tub and Anistaija was feeling real horny. She kept playing with her puffy clitoris and pierced nipples as we sat around the kitchen so I asked her if I could get the camera out and take a few images of her finger-fucking herself before we got in the hot tub. She was more than willing so I grabbed the camera, handed a clip camera to her coed friend and we proceeded to film this cute teen playing whit her clitoris.

Teen Model Anistaija Masturbates sfm camel toe amateur plts gndskinny

Teen Model Anistaija Masturbates

I never could get her to take her little pink suit completely off because she said she liked the way it felt on her clitoris as she pulled on it – personnel I liked the sexy camel toe it was making and from the look on her face, she was enjoying it plenty. Now Anistaija is normally pretty quiet when she cums but this time she panted, gasped and threw back her fellatio – rolling her eyes back in her fellatio as her orgasm caused her tight little pussy to spasm uncontrollably.  Damn – I couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to feel that on my already throbbing penis.  If you hunger for to see this sexy teenager getting fucked then check out her hardcore porno on Glass Mannequin today.

Teen Camel Toe

Teen Camel Toe

So – I made two free picture galleries of this cute teenager model where you can see her camel toe all for your self. Of course, to see all of Anistaija’s camel toe masturbation pics, you should join Glass Mannequin – do it today and I’ll give you free access to Bring Me Your Sister and Real Colorado Girls for the same price. Welcome to Mr. Richard’s Neighborhood ;-)