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Sexy Teenager In Glasses Gets Perverted


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 19-01-2016

Aerynn Black usually is the type of whore to take control when she’s having freaky sex, but this tramp loves when a man can dominate her. Kissing on her neck and teasing this Colorado Girl’s little cunt Max makes this dirty teen want more…To see more of Aerynn Black  stream free trailer and or download the full video

Aerynn gets teased

Aerynn gets teased

The amateur porno star lies on her back and lets Max taste the sweet juice from her wet cunt.With one hand on her Pierced knocker and the other squeezing the bars on the back of the bed, this ink hussy closes her eyes and enjoys Max’s mouth sucking on her throbbing clit. To watch the full shoot of the naughty teen with glasses get her pussy munched Join Glass Mannequin

Gets her Pussy wet

Gets her pussy wet

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Kyanna Raves


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 14-01-2016

Kayanna Raves is a sexy petite  brunette, standing about 4? 9?. One night she gets horny and our cameras just happened to catch the skank gratifying herself. the little whore begins to eat , and massage her over-sized titties. As she moans, she seems to be fully enjoying herself. Kyanna Raves makes her way down to her shaved cunt, and begins to play. see more of the small tramp at  Glass Mannequin.

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As Kyanna Raves Gets herself all worked up, she grabs a sextoy from the night stand. the little tramp begins to suck on the sextoy and rub her pretty little clitoris hard. The busty brunette moans in excitement and thrusts the sextoy deep in her shaved cunt. see the whole shoot at Glass Mannequin.

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The tiny tramp beats away at her little pussy with the sextoy of her choice. Kyanna Raves the  over-sized titty brunette lets out high pitched moans and screams as she  comes close to making herself jizz. Download the whole shoot on Glass Mannequin.


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Kyanna Raves fucks herself harder, faster until finally she cums hard and lets out a loud moan. The sexy skank appears to be exhausted after fucking herself silly. She is not done with herself yet though, Kyanna Raves Goes back in for one last breathtakingly intense orgasm.  download this and much more  on Glass Mannequin.

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It’s Bigger Than She Is


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 08-01-2016

Seeing substantial things in tiny hands is always a turn-on and in this photo set that I just put up on Real Colorado Girls, you can see the tiny Delilah Daze holding a video camera (and later a fat cock) that appears to bigger than she is. For those of you that have never seen the 4’10? Delilah take a mammoth cock deep in her tiny little cunt, this photo set of  271 high-quality images will be a real treat. maybe not quite the treat it was making them but hell, it’s the second best thing to being there.

Petite girl filming herself getting finger fucked delilahdaze xxxp oldny bfc gnd plts ittybitty sbj

It’s Bigger Than She Is

Of course, what good is a tiny teen chick if you can’t make out with her a little first. Sure, some  don’t like kissing older men but not Delilah. This naughty Colorado native enjoys sex with older men – especially if she can video it and watch it later.

Old man sticks his fingers in a teenagers cunt

Fat Old Fingers Stuffed In A tiny teen Cunt

But to really appreciate this small teen, you need to see sucking and fucking my mammoth old cock – hell, the damn thing is practically bigger than she is – but that doesn’t stop this lovely little brunette from taking my mammoth cock balls-deep in her tiny little cunt – only on Real Colorado Girls.

Petite teenager sucks an older man's huge cock

Petite teen Delilah Daze Sucks My Fat Cock

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Tasha Burke, Kinky Colorado Model Does Her First Smut Film


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 04-01-2016

skinny brunette TasheBurke brunette amateur flashes her blue eyes outdoors hym gnd

Working with Tasha Burke was a lot of fun. Tasha had just moved to Colorado when I met her and she was looking for work. She had worked as a photographer before and wanted to find a job taking pictures. I asked her to come by and help on a disrobed photo set of another model and her fate was sealed. Tasha helped as photographer for a week or so but was bored. When I offered her a chance to work in porno, she jumped at the chance. Two days later, Tasha was taking a hard boner into her tight cunt and I was filming it – Tasha’s first amateur cunt porno video clip was a hit and I continued to film and fuck this orgasmic cunt. You can see Tasha on the Glass Mannequin and Bring Me Your Sister amateur cunt porno sites.

Sabina Sweet Auditions


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 27-12-2015

Sabina Sweet says she always wanted to do porno but she never imagined that her first porno clip would be filmed by her brother. Even though her brother filmed her in her first porn, we actually met Sabina through one of our best models, the beautiful and very perverted Gracelynn Moans. Gracelynn was visiting friends and Sabina and her brother were there. She told them that should give us a call and the rest is history. But you all came here to see a few audition pictures, brought to you by Bring Me Your Sister, so here you go.

The shoot started well but poor little Sabina was real nervous. It didn’t help that her brother and I were teasing her every chance we got…. but all in good fun. Soon I had Sabina in her bra and undies – this was the first time that I realized how absolutely superb Sabina’s boobies are. I was starting to get excited ;-) .

Sabina Sweet Teen Porn Audition


Sabina Sweet coed porno Audition

I also thought you might long for to see a few porno audition galleries so here are the links: Sabina Sweet – New Sister Auditions, But My Brother’s Watching, Dude – Your Sister Has A small Little Cunt, and I Made Your Sister Suck The cum Off My Cock. Now remember, the only way we can bring the worlds best sister porno to our viewers is if a few of you join Bring Me Your Sister. do it today and I’ll throw in full access to my other two sites, Real Colorado Girls and Glass Mannequin for free.

But you came here to hear about Sabina’s coed porno audition…  I soon had Sabina’s bra off and her superb 36 D’s wet exposed to me, her brother and the world for the first time. She looked over with a bit of apprehension as I fingered her wet little cunt through her undies and her brother filmed it all.

Sabina Sweet Teen Porn Audition


Sabina Sweet coed porno Audition

But this is supposed to be a Bring Me Your Sister hardcore shoot so skipping right past the excellent bj pics, here’s one of my favorite pictures of Sabina riding my dick. Poor little Sabina must not have been with very many men, or at least not many men with immense meat because she has one of the tightest little pussies I’ve ever stuffed my fat dick into.  Join to download the full video.

Sabina Sweet Teen Porn Audition


Sabina Sweet coed porno Audition

I love reverse cowgirl…  It lets one see the best parts of the woman and with a coed as sexy as Sabina,we all long for to see those superb natural boobies, her sexy belly and her sweet little shaved cunt. It also lets the brother get real close to his sister’s cunt. In the clip you can see the excellent angles her brother is getting in her first-ever porno clip.  Join to download the full video.

SabinaSweet Teen Porn Audition 1tm xxxp sisp oldny gnd bnts brunette petite bfc pufm nnts


Sabina Sweet coed porno Audition

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Watching My Sleazy Sister Fuck A Fat Meat


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 23-12-2015

Tasha Burke was always taking her whopping brother stuff every since they were kids… So when she found out that her brother bought a new camera she couldn’t wait to put her sticky little fingers on it. Finally getting her hands on the camera she decides it would be a good idea to take it a party and have a little fun with it.  Well his dumb sister had a bit to much fun because when she came apartment the camera was broken beyond repair so the brother thought what better way to get this dirty cunt back then put her in front of the camera fucking the old man from the newspaper ad. Download Full Video

Naughty Sister Fucked Up

Naughty Sister Fucked Up

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Slutty Sister Takes The Dick

Slutty Sister Takes The Dick

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Delilah Daze Gets Fucked Hard


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 19-12-2015

I love watching petite teens getting fucked hard by king-sized dicks and watching this film of Delilah Daze getting hammered by a much older man had me wishing it was my penis pounding the shit out of this sexy petite brunette’s small little cunt.

Petite Teenager Delilah Daze Fucked Hard delilahdaze xxxp petite oldny brunette bfc landingstrip gnd teen amateur

Petite teen Delilah Daze Fucked Hard

Then the old man bent the petite teen over the bed and fucked her hard from behind, her curly dark haired hair sawing in rhythm with her perky little breasts,  as she fingered her own swollen clitoris until she climaxed, her small cunt pulsating on the old man’s thick penis. After viewing the streaming version on Glass Mannequin, I downloaded the high quality version and now I have it to jerk off to every day – one of my favorites.

Delilah Daze Bent Over And Fucked Hard

Delilah Daze Bent Over And Fucked Hard

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Homemade Amateur Cunt Porno


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 14-12-2015

Some girls like to be filmed – even if they are a little shy. This was the case with Shaye. I know Shaye from one of the clubs I hang out at and one night as the club was getting ready to close, I invited Shaye to my place for a little “fun” in front of the camera. I think the thought of making homemade amateur cunt porn excited her because she didn’t hesitate to go with me.

shayebaxter skinny teen amateur xxxp plts cameltoe  panties pufm sbj xxxp bfc oldny

Over the years, I’ve made homemade amateur cunt porno with a lot of different girls and I’ve seen a lot of amateur teenager pussy but Shaye has the finest “fat muffy” (fat pussy) I’ve ever had the pleasure of filming (or fucking for that matter). Pulling her pink thong into her pussy, I created the amazing camel toe and all I could think of was sliding my hard erection deep into her little teenager cunt.

As soon as we got place, I set up the cameras and started fingering her fat pussy. It dodn’t take long for her to return the favor and start sucking my throbbing erection. I reset the cameras and started fucking the teenager bitch in her first homemade amateur cunt porno video. She loved it – and so did I. I think having the camer’s on turned her on – and the fact that she secretly knew I’d be putting our homemade amateur cunt porn on the internet.

You can see my entire collection of homemade amateur cunt porno on my main site This is where I put the full-length DVD quality films. I also have a few high quality images that I took of the neighborhood girls.  But one of the best teenager fucks, and the puffiest pussies, belongs to Shaye of Colorado Springs.

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Joey Vargas And Two Toys


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 09-12-2015

Here at Glass Mannequin we believe two is always better than one and Joey Vargas seems to agree. With the glass Mannequin sextoy already in her shaved pussy, she gets the vibrating bullet wet to stick it in her tight cunt too. This sexy brunette is never shy when it comes to teasing the camera making her fun to watch. To see how much Joey Vargas tiny pussy can take in this shoot Join Glass Mannequin.

JoeyVargas dildo bfts latina sfm brunette shaved forgasm amateur

Joey Vargas and Two Toys

With two toys in her tiny pussy Joey Vargas closes her eyes to enjoy the feeling of the vibration and penetration at the same time. This naughty coed loves getting wet and she looks sexy doing it to making this a hot shoot to see. To see this shoot and more of Joey Vargas Join Glass Mannequin.

Joey Vargas Teases With 2

Joey Vargas Teases With 2

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Kinky Little Sister


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 04-12-2015

Alison Rapture is starting to make a habit of fucking up her brother’s shit. The dumb redhead trashed her brothers auto this time owning him $500.Letting his little sister fuck for dough wasn’t retaliation enough for this sick  brother. He wanted something a little bit more; so the old man comes up with a good idea (Tie Her Arms and Legs Up). Not able to move this kinky sister gets her cunt pampered by the dirty old man while the perverted brother watches. To see this bad sister get tied down Join Glass Mannequin

Hands and feet tied up alisonrapture hcm bdsm redhead amateur teen pierced oldny xxxp sisp sbj bfc plts

Hands and feet tied up

Only taking one of her legs out of the rope the old perv puts his fat penis in Alison’s shaved cunt making her moan with pleasure and pain. Meanwhile her brother is enjoying every second of his little sister being dominated by the old man while tied down. You can see more of this naughty redhead on her gallery or see other models if you visit papafreeporn.

Big Dick, tiny pussy

Big penis, petite pussy

Getting retaliation on his little sister couldn’t be easier. With his easy sister tied to the bed the cunt has to do whatever the old man wants her to do. Of course sucking his penis would be on the list of things to make the easy sister do. Next time the stupid chick will think before fucking with her brothers stuff. To see the misbehaving sister pay back her brother  Join Bring Me Your sister.

Sucking dick tied up

Sucking penis tied up

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