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Kiri Starr Loves A Hard Pecker In Her Wet Teenager Cunt  in: Dumb Cunts

Kinky Little Sister


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 04-12-2015

Alison Rapture is starting to make a habit of fucking up her brother’s shit. The dumb redhead trashed her brothers auto this time owning him $500.Letting his little sister fuck for dough wasn’t retaliation enough for this sick  brother. He wanted something a little bit more; so the old man comes up with a good idea (Tie Her Arms and Legs Up). Not able to move this kinky sister gets her cunt pampered by the dirty old man while the perverted brother watches. To see this bad sister get tied down Join Glass Mannequin

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Hands and feet tied up

Only taking one of her legs out of the rope the old perv puts his fat penis in Alison’s shaved cunt making her moan with pleasure and pain. Meanwhile her brother is enjoying every second of his little sister being dominated by the old man while tied down. You can see more of this naughty redhead on her gallery or see other models if you visit papafreeporn.

Big Dick, tiny pussy

Big penis, petite pussy

Getting retaliation on his little sister couldn’t be easier. With his easy sister tied to the bed the cunt has to do whatever the old man wants her to do. Of course sucking his penis would be on the list of things to make the easy sister do. Next time the stupid chick will think before fucking with her brothers stuff. To see the misbehaving sister pay back her brother  Join Bring Me Your sister.

Sucking dick tied up

Sucking penis tied up

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Her Errant Brother Watches


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 28-11-2015

Abigail Blower, a sexy sandy teen, rides Richard Nailders’ dick on the couch with her brother making a real homemade sex video. This horny little cunt uses the couch springs to bounce harder, feeling the full length of the old mans thick dick. Download free trailer at

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Nailder takes control slowly thrusting his cock into Abigails tight wet pussy while her perverted brother is catching it all on camera.

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Abigail gets fliped over and begins to get nailed in the reverse cowgirl position. Appartently, she loves it … the neighbors could hear her froward ass from down the street! Download free trailer.

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That sexy slut got turned over again and fucked from behind. The old man starts to chokes Abigail pushing his dick as deep and hard as he can into her pulsating wet pussy. View more scene just like this at

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Sister Fucking


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 17-11-2015

This homie paid me to shoot my sister fucking him and since the little tramp dented my Harley, I was just pissed off enough to pimp her skinny ass out to get some of my coin back. Now, I have three sisters and all of them are little sluts but my sister had to try to fuck her boyfriend on my Harley and she knocked it over fucking up the tank and scratching the chrome on the air cleaner.  Now, since my sister “fucked” me by scratching my bike, it was only fair that I fuck my sister back. And what better way to fuck your sister than to make her star in her very first smut.

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I Got Paid To shoot My Sister Fucking

I’d first seen this guy’s add in the paper a few weeks ago and when I found the fucked up bike in the garage, I know that my little sister was going to become a smut star. What i didn’t plan on, was filming my sister in her first smut film. I also had no clue that my sister shaved her cunt or that my sister had such a pink little clitoris. I also had no idea that my sister could take such a monstrous schlong in her dainty teen cunt.

Watching My Sister Fuck

Watching My Sister Fuck

Thena did complain a little as the old guy started fucking her a little hard – but wtf, she hurt my bike, she should be punished. And punished she was, the old guy hammered his schlong in my sister until she was almost in tears then he pulled his schlong out of my sister and shot hot sticky cum all over my sister.  She looked at him like she wanted to kill him and I got all of it on high-quality film.

Cum On My Sister

Cum On My Sister

You can see my sister’s first smut film on – and since once a cunt, always a cunt, after fucking for the first time on camera, my sister decided to do a few more movies for the guy that runs Bring Me Your Sister – and for a limited time, you can get unlimited access to all my sister’s smut – by joining any one of these sites:, or – join one, get full access to all three and see my sister fucking old guys, her boy friend, hot lesbian teens and more.

Sexy Teenager Takes A Dirty Ride


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 11-11-2015

This bad girl loves to go fast and ride hard. So when she found out that Glass Mannequin was going to shoot a hot teen on a bike she knew she would be unblemished for the part. Never being in front of a camera before this sexy teen was a little nervous at first, but that didn’t stop this eager coed from trying.It wasn’t long till Blaze Burnz got comfortable and was butt nude on top pf the cycle. To see more of this misbehaving teenagers first shoot Join Glass Mannequin

Teen Loves To Ride Fast and Hard

Teen Loves To Ride Fast and Hard

With her eyes closed this horny teen lays back on the bike and starts to rub her wet pierced cunt. Download Full Movie

Pretty pierced Pussy

Pretty pierced Pussy

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Pounding Asian Pussy


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 06-11-2015

At Glass Mannequin we know how to get the cute coeds to fuck on camera and if that means giving them a massage while watching it on the good-sized screen than that’s what we do. Our latest cutie is the sexy Asian milf Alliyah Sky who we’ve now filmed fucking on all three of our sites. In this homemade video clip Alliyah Sky enjoys a massage and some sensual sex before getting her smooth Asian cunt fucked hard by a much older man. Stream or download the full high-quality video on Glass Mannequin – members full get access three amateur cunt porno sites featuring hundreds of exclusive amateur cunt porno vids and thousands of HD pictures.

Pounding Asian Pussy

Download the full video

Pounding Asian Pussy

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Fuck My Errant Little Sister


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 01-11-2015

Whats up with dumb sluts that can’t drive!!!! Piper Brady felt like going for a ride in her brothers cars, and of course the stupid cunt can’t appreciate shit because the dumb tramp crashed the cars and fucked up the bumper. Now the dumb teens brother is out $800 and he needs it now.Piper’s brother told her that she needs to fuck the old man for cash to pay back the cash she owes him. Convincing his dumb sister to fuck the old fart for $800 wasn’t that hard. Being the dirty hussy she is, she agreed.but she didn’t know the errant old man was going to capture the whole thing on shoot, and she surely didn’t know that her errant brother would be the one holding the camera. To see this naughty sister pay back her brother by making her first smut Join bring me your sister.

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Little Sister In trouble

On her back like the little tramp she is this brunette starts sucking the old mans fat meat. This little cunt was loving the old mans dick so much its like she forgot her brother was only inches away capturing it all on shoot. To see more of what the errant brother captures on film  Join bring me your sister

Sucking a Fat dick

Sucking a Fat dick

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Fuck Me On The Substantial Screen!!!!


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 25-10-2015

Amateur smut Star Alliyah Sky came over to see how her latest set went. After a few minutes of watching herself  get fucked on camera this perverted girl was horny and lusting after some dick…. Watch as Alliyah surprises the old man with a very kinky request. Download Full Movie


There’s nothing like watching yourself pound a tight little cunt on the over-sized screen; this old man is getting to witness that first hand as he pounds away at Alliyahs tight cunt. To see more of this hot old and young amateur cunt smut Join Glass Mannequin


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Ricky’s Little Sister


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 20-10-2015

Some guy;s sister’s just can’t help but fuck things up – and Ricky’s sister is no exception. When Violet decided to play with her brother’s play-station without his permission, she probably didn’t plan on pulling can off the TV and wrecking it but WTF – the little cunt did wreck it and she had no fucking way to pay her brother back. short of fucking and letting him shoot it. In this real homemade sex movie, you get to watch a brother filming his sister fucking an older guy – as retaliation!

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Lucky for me – I’m the older guy ;-)
See – I run an add in the local paper asking guys if their sister has ever pissed them off – and giving them a way to extract a bit of revenge on the little sluts. You would be amazed at how many brothers jump at the chance to film their little sisters in their first porno clip.

sister masturbating

For some sister’s it’s a real punishment but I get the sneaky feeling that Violet got a bit turned on fucking me as her brother filmed her – sick little cunt! And fuck me she did! This dwarf coed sure knew how to suck a guys cock! and that was just a start – soon she was taking my giant cock deep in her small coed cunt – and I was fucking loving it!

Of course – as always – I have the entire homemade clip for you to watch at so be sure to check out Violet and Ricky and all of the other sick fucking brothers and sisters there.

Papa GMP

Sexy Young Sandy Has A Impeccable Orgasm


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 13-10-2015

Amateur smut star Kaydence Skye loves herself a little alone time … It gives this sexy tease time to pamper her tight little cunt the way she sees fit. Here she is doing a solo masturbation with a sex dildo rubbing her clit till her cunt is throbbing from the exquisite orgasm. This horny teen made her cunt so wet im surprised she didn’t get any of her juices on the couch… See how wet this hot blonde can make her dainty cunt by Joining Glass Mannequin

Blonde Teen Masturbating

Blonde teen Masturbating

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Pink Little Coed Pussy


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 08-10-2015

Maddy Marks has the prettiest pink little teenager pussy I’ve ever seen and in this vid, she starts laughing and pushing the dildo out of her cunt – it’s so tight. Watching the video just  makes me desire to ram my dick deep in her sweet little cunt – make her wince in pain as I hit bottom of her tight teenager pussy. Maybe it’s me, but I really like to violate silly teenagers and it’s even more fun if they have a pink little pussy that is as pretty as Maddy’s muffin. If you desire to see Maddy push the dildo out as she giggles – you need to visit Glass Mannequin now – trust me, the fucking vid is HOT!

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Pink Little Pussy