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Creampie In A Cumslut


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 28-07-2016

There’s no more natural way to make love then to fill your lover’s wet little cunt with semen and that’s exactly what happened to Indica Young in this casual sex vid she made with her friend Richard Nailder after work one night. Indica and Richard were roommates and as they ere chilling in the basement they decided to shoot themselves fucking – no camera crew, no spectators, no planning – just real sex between roommates – Real Colorado Girls style – complete with a creampie ending. The next day, they decided that they would put their creampie vid on Real Colorado Girls for you all to enjoy. Enjoy the free amateur cunt smut samples or download the full vid here.

Creampie In A CumSlut

Download the full video

Creampie In A CumSlut

Download the full video

Creampie In A CumSlut

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Every Perverts Fantasy


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 23-07-2016

Being sexy and seductive, this dick tease is good at what she does making every guy or babes fantasy come true. Pulling her bikini to the side you can see how hard this pierced sluts body is from her pointing nipples down to her pretty cunt. Come an see why Anistaija is one of Glass Mannequins favorite mischievous whores and why this Colorado girl is always fun to shoot by Joining Glass Mannequin

Every Perverts Fantasy

Every Perverts Fantasy

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Lady Lez Cheer Thena Sky Up….


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 19-07-2016

Lady Lez is always there when her friends need her the most. Dressed up in her slutty nurse outfit she has a way to cheer Thena Sky up. Theirs nothing this sexy skank wouldn’t do for her girlfriends.To see this froward nurse give the sexy brunette a night she will never forget Join Glass Mannequin

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Sexy Nurse Sneaks In

Thena loves fucking herself with a huge toy.This cunt isn’t one to be selfish;grabbing another vibrating sextoy she fucks the blonde’s tight shaved pussy, making this a hot shoot and a hotter vid to watch. To see more of these froward Colorado tramps Join Glass Mannequin

Sexy Making out and Dildo Play

Sexy Making out and sex-toy Play

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Fucking Aspen In The Hot Tub


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 15-07-2016

Even when its cold outside Mr.Richard knows how to keep a hot young flaxen warm and wet… Jumping in the hot tub to past time, Aspen Steen was quick to grab the old mans penis and slowly start to jack him off. To see more of this skinny bitch and the creepy old man having sex outdoors so the neighbors could watch Join Glass Mannequin

Hot Blonde In The Hot Tub

Hot flaxen In The Hot Tub

Belly up, this old man floats on his back letting horny slut suck his fat meat with her tight warm mouth. Download Full Movie and watch Aspen Steen show this old man a good time.

Blonde Gives Blow Job

Blonde Gives Blow Job

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Roxy Rox Fucking Rocks!!!!


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 10-07-2016

Colorado girl Roxy Rox is young, sexy and ready to live her life… Even when she gets in trouble this wild thing can’t help but have a little fun on set. Putting the dildo in her ass crack this coed shows why she’s the baddest cunt in Colorado. To see how this misbehaving girl got herself in this predicament Join Bring Me Your Sister

Roxy Rox Fucking Rocks!!!!

Roxy Rox Fucking Rocks!!!!

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Sister Fucked Her Brother’s Tattoo Artist


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 05-07-2016

Kaydence Sky’s brother was pissed when he showed up at my door with her in tow. Seems his little sister had fucked him by fucking his tattoo artist. Kaydence’s brother had been getting some pretty intense ink on his arm when she decided she wanted a little tattoo on her chest. But instead of paying for her tattoo, this teenage inkslut decided to fuck her brother’s tattoo artist to get her ink done. This was fine till his little sister cut him off. When Ralph’s little sister tattoo artist, he refused to finish her brother’s tattoo – now her brother needed to hire another artist and it was gonna cost him $600.00.  Funny part is – his sister had no idea of what he had in mind for her :-)

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Ralph shows up at my door with his sister – she has no idea why she’s here.

Like most little sisters that owe their brothers for something, I doubt Kaydence would have ever paid but Ralph had seen my add in the local paper and he was determined to “Bring Me His Sister”. Of course the little cunt was pissed at her brother for even thinking that she would do a smut film – but like most guys sisters, the thought of fucking on film was turning her on and she kinda wanted to see what it was like.What we didn’t tell her was that her brother would be filming her first hardcore smut film for Bring Me Your Sister.

Ralph gets ready to film his sister in her first hardcore video

Ralph gets ready to film his sister in her first hardcore video

At first it was a little awkward for the just-out-of-high-school teenager to have some old man slamming his meat in her tight shaved pussy as her brother filmed it. In fact, when her brother pointed the camera at her and said “say hi to mom and dad”, I thought she would get up off my meat and kick her brother’s ass. You can see that famous shoot as a member at Bring Me Your Sister – in addition, you get to see dozens more hot sisters getting filmed by their brothers in their first smut shoots.

When Ralph said "Say hi to mom and dad" I thought she would kill him

When Ralph said "Say hi to mom and dad" I thought she would kill him

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Filming His Sister Having Sex


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 01-07-2016

One of the nice things about my job is I get to meet all kinds of crazy people and it’s always nice when you get a brother that’s really excited about filming his sister having sex. Alex was pissed off at his sister, Cameron, because she let her cat in his room and her pussy ate his lizard (pun intended). Alex felt like his sister owed him something but there was no way to get his pet back but a few hundred bones to replace the exotic lizard and a little retribution would be nice. I also think the sick fucker has always harbored a secret sister fetish – but who knows.

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Alex gets to make a sister smut video

So Alex drug his sister to my place where I told her I’d help her pay her brother back – but she’s have to make her first sister smut film/ As soon as she agreed, I dropped the real retribution bomb – I was going to let her little brother shoot me fucking her. She was pissed – he was ecstatic – he was going to shoot a real smut film, and making a smut film of his sister would be the superb retribution. I did have to caution him that he wasn’t allowed to fuck his sister, that was my job.


Filming His Sister giving a blowjob

But I would allow him to get as many close-ups of his sister’s little cunt as he could manage while filming his sister having sex. He agreed and I got right to work fucking his sister. And he must have liked the look of my meat in his sister’s pussy because he was right there getting a shitload of closeup images of his sister’s pussy as I fucked his sister.

His Sister's Pussy

His Sisters Pussy

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Make My Sister Pay!!!!


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 25-06-2016

Getting vengeance on his little sister couldn’t be easier. With his slutty sister tied to the bed the cunt has to do whatever the old man chooses to do to her. Next time the stupid girl will think before fucking with her brothers stuff. To see the nasty sister pay back her brother Join Bring Me Your Sister

A Kinky Blow Job

A Kinky Blow Job

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Man, You Can’t Film Your Sister Fucking


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 19-06-2016

Part 2 of “dude, She’s Your Sister”

Josh figured if his dad could fuck his half-sister, he could make a porn staring his little sister…..  dude, that’s just wrong… and I fucking love the idea – but then again, I’m the sick old fucker that gets to fuck your little sister as you video it. Now guys, I like fucking teenager pussy as much as the next guy so I put this add in the paper looking for brothers that are pissed off at their sisters, brothers that want to see their little sisters grudge-fucked, brothers that want to watch as I fuck their sisters, and I even let then video me fucking their sisters. Then I put the sister smut films on the internet at

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So when Josh showed up with his little sister Hannah, he had it in his mind that he was going to see his little sister getting fucked. In fact, I would even let him video his little sister fucking as long as he kept his little erection in his pants. dude, Hannah has one tight little cunt. I was amazed that she could take all my erection and even more amazed that the little cunt let me fuck her as hard as I did. His little sister kept whispering “harder, harder” as I hammered her tight little teenager pussy. Her fucking brother had a hard-on the whole fucking time I was fucking his sister – sick bastard. I’m pretty sure he has already downloaded the entire DVD quality vid from and is jerking off to it as I type this.

So all you sick fuckers that have naughty sisters, hit me up and I”ll let you make a vid of your own sister – as I grudge fuck the shit out of the little cunt. You can see all the Sister Porn films at Bring Me Your Sister in DVD quality so be sure to check them out today.

Teenager Acasha Binito’s Smut Audition


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 15-06-2016

Acasha Binito is another coed from Colorado that had always dreamed of becoming a pornstar but never dreamed it would be her brother that made her dream come true. We had never met Acasha but when she showed up at Bring Me Your Sister with her brother, we were excited to see this petite blonde disrobed. I can’t remember exactly what it was that Acasha did to piss her brother off but I’m damn glad she did – this teenager is destined to be a smut hit and we were more than happy to start here career.

But you all came here to see a few froward pics so I’ll post a few. The first picture is of her and her brother as they talk with Richard Nailder before the set. Acasha had just agreed to make her first porn and the men were celebrating as the cute petite blonde looks on.Click on the pics to see the free trailer.

Acasha Binito Looks On As Her Brother Pimps Her Out acashabinito 1tm audition sisp xxxp oldny teen amateur gnd tattooed plts ittybitty lbts lnpls skinny athletic

Acasha Binito Looks On As Her Brother Pimps Her Out

In the second picture Acasha’s brother gets his first glimpse of his sister’s cunt as he brings this camera close to get some real naughty film of his sister’s sweet coed cunt. It was fine how comfortable she was in front of the camera even with her own brother so close to her exposed cunt.

Her Brother Gets His First Closeup Of His Sister's Pussy

Her Brother Gets His First Closeup Of His Sister’s Pussy

Soon the petite Latina was looking her brother in the eye as she rode up and down on the fat meat she had mounted just moments before. Her brother held the camera as steady as he could, considering his excited state, as his sister looked at him as only a sister can. Join Bring Me Your Sister to download the full film.

The Cute 19-Year-Old Looks Into Her Brother's Camera As She Gets Fucked

The Cute 19-Year-Old Looks Into Her Brother’s Eyes As She Gets Fucked

Almost completely worn out, the little blonde continued to get fucked from behind – her brother holding the camera she squeaked and moaned as the fat meat repeatedly hammered her little little cunt as waves of pleasure cascaded over her body in one orgasmic wave after another. See the free trailer.

Filming His Sister As She Gets Fucked From Behind

Filming His Sister As She Gets Fucked From Behind

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