Colorado Teenager Fucks On Camera – Violet Little


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When Violet Little showed up at her neighbor’s flat, she wanted to get fucked. Being a young mother, Violet doesn’t have time to date but she does find time to get laid. Lucky for her, the gentleman that lived next door is more than willing to drop his drawers and fuck her all night – after the little cunt sucks his meat. Hell, what kind of neighbor turns down flawless piece of butt let alone a blow job?

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Now Violet gives flawless fellatio but this lonely young mom is also a flawless fuck. Watching the older neighbor fuck the young mom’s teenager pussy is a real fucking turn-on. And this little cunt can take all of his hard meat, as hard as the old fucker can hammer it in her wet little cunt. The little whore was a moaner – making all kinds of fucking noise as the old pervert fucked her tight little pussy.

Now how many of you would like to have a perverted neighbor teenagers like Violet? One that would stop by at night for a quickie, one that would fuck you just to feel your hard meat deep in her dainty little cunt? One that you could cum deep in her pussy and leave a hot sticky cream-pie in her little teenager cunt.

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Richard Nailder Turns 50


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Someone asked me the other day what it was like to be getting older. My immediate answer was “it’s better than the alternative”  – but seriously, my 50th year started out better than I ever could have imagined – with a surprise orgy put on by three of my favorite Glass Mannequin girls – Indica Young, Maxi Booty and Gracelynn Moans. Indica has had a key for a while and so the girls were waiting at my place when I got flat. They had put up birthday balloons and were waiting in their pajamas for me to get flat.

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Richard’s Surprise Party

I relaxed with the girls for a bit and made sure I took a few pictures of the teenagers with my phone so I could share them with my friends. Maxi had grabbed a camera to make our homemade video and was in the corner filming me with her friends as I snuggled with the teenage girls. As much as I love girls in pajamas, I was very happy when then the girls decided that they wanted their pajamas off and soon they were running around nekkid – showing off their letter-perfect little butts and shaved little cunts – just begging me to fuck them all.

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Birthday Pictures

The neighborhood girls started out by taking turns sucking my 50-year-old cock and I doubt there are better amateur cunt cocksuckers anywhere in my neighborhood. Indica does this thing with her tongue when she gives blowjob that drives a man crazy but I refrained from filling her mouth with jizz until I had the chance to stuff my fat old cock deep in each of their wet little coed cunts.

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Two teenagers Sucking An Old Man’s Cock

In this picture, Gracelynn was holding the camera as Maxi played with her wet little cunt and Indica was climaxing while riding my puffy cock – I was a little surprised to see Maxi so eager to fuck the other girls as she always said she wasn’t lesbian – but I guess even the straightest girls love cunt when the mood is right. Of course, Gracelynn and Indica are very bisexual and both of them love a wet cunt as much as they love a hard cock – this just contributed to the fun we had in this old-and-young orgy.

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Richard Nailder Gets His Birthday Present

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Pecker Loving Cunt


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Every man I know enjoys a chick that loves boner and this dwarf coed mom from Real Colorado Girls can slobber a knob with the best of them. Say hello to Indica Young. Despite being 5? nothing and under 100 lbs, this dwarf teenage flaxen can take more boner than most women and she loves it – the fatter and longer the boner, the more she loves sucking it dry.

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Petite coed Mom Indica Young Loves Cock

This sexy little cunt loves to suck pecker and she’ll keep it up till you sperm down her throat..   then she’ll lick it all up like a lollipop- see the entire video clip – only on Real Colorado Girls

Teen Sucking A Fat Old Cock

Teen Sucking A Fat Old Cock

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And Who The Fuck Doesn’t Love Froward Sex?


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I guess all of us like a little good old fashioned nasty sex once in a while but hell, I like it all the fucking time so I thought I’d start a blog telling bout all my nasty sex adventures. For those of you that don’t know me, I’m known in the sex industry as PapaGMP – I’ve been working behind the camera for years and in front of the camera fucking cute neighborhood teenagers for the last three years. At almost 50 years old, I have underwear that’s older than some of the teenagers I’ve  fucked this year.  I run three hardcore websites, Bring Me Your Sister, Glass Mannequin and Real Colorado Girls and you can see me pounding nasty coed pussy on all three of them. Better yet, you can see all the nasty neighbor teenagers that I’ve been fucking for the last three years. None of the teenagers on my sites have ever appeared on the internet prior to me convincing then the it was the “right” thing to do butterflyhaze jaydagarcia divaduz interracial xxxp lesbian outdoor teen amateur tattooed plts dildo lcm The do it because they are nasty at heart and they really love sex. Here are a few pics from my scrapbook of some of the nasty teenagers that have had sex for my camera – some of the lucky sluts have even had sex with me ;-)

Nasty Tasha Licks Butterfly's Pussy

Nasty Tasha Licks Tattooed Butterfly’s Shaved Pussy

Tasha likes to fuck young tarts and Butterfly, with all her sexy butterfly tattoos had just turned 19 when we shot this shoot. She had been working with us for a while but she never got enough sex so this nasty coed cum dumpster just kept coming back. Butterfly and Tasha can be seen on all three of my amateur cunt smut sites: Bring Me Your Sister, Glass Mannequin and Real Colorado Girls. Join today and get unlimited access to the exclusive content on all three amateur cunt smut sites.

Teen Amateur Jayda Masturbates Outdoors

Teen amateur cunt Jayda Masturbates Outdoors

Jayda was introduced to me by a friend just after her 18th birthday. This nasty hard-bodied Latina teen loves the outdoors almost as much as she loves sex. In fact, ask her and she’ll tell you she loves nothing more than sex in the amazing outdoors. I have thousands of nasty pics and movies of this sexy Latina coed on Glass Mannequin – be sure to check them all out.

Forbidden Interracial Sex

Forbidden Interracial Sex With nasty Diva

I had never fucked a black babe before I met Diva so when her brother brought her to my door in response to an add I run for Bring Me Your Sister in the local paper, I was real excited to see what it would be like to slam my large erection in her sweet black cunt. Trust me guys, my first interracial sex was as good as it gets. Diva then came back to do a good dozen hardcore, lesbian, and orgy shoots for all three sites. Join one – and get full access to the all at no extra cost. So – not that I’ve introduced a few of the nasty neighborhood teenagers that I run into ona daily basis, be sure to check out all their nasty sex pics and movies.

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Holie Marie Take Richard Nailder’s Fat Boner


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Holie Marie wasn’t ready for a fat meat when her brother pimped her out in her first amateur cunt porno video clip but as bad as it hurt, she really enjoyed the feeling of Richard Nailder’s fat meat filling her tight teen cunt as the old bastard fucked her in front of her brother. In fact, the pain actually helped her forget that Richard was paying her brother for the privilege of stuffing his fat meat into her dainty little cunt. You can see the video clip Holie’s brother made of her by visiting Bring Me Your

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Holie Marie and Richard Nailder

Of course, her brother had good reason for pimping his sister out to Richard but the reason slips me right now – all I know is that the cute teen Holie Marie had a unmarred pair of natural boobs, a cute little pierced clitoris and one of the tightest little cunts I’ve ever stuffed my fat meat into. See the video clip of Holie and Richard on Bring Me Your

Delilah Daze Does It Again!!!!


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Bad chick Delilah Daze cant seem to be a good sister.The stupid chick answered the phone and forgot to turn off the water while doing dishes , which of course flooded her brother’s apt,.Delilah needs a way to pay her pissed off brother $500!!!  Needing the cash badly and loving her last encounter with the old man, Delilah and her brother go back to the old mans…download full video clip.

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Delilah Daze and Her Brother

Delilah Daze loves being the center of attention just about as much as she loves being pampered and dicked down,  but I think the sexy slut loves it more because her brother is holding the camera.With the little tramps brother inches aways he catches some good close ups of his sister paying off her debts. To see the brothers full point of view join Bring Me Your Sister

Sisters pussy gets pampered
Sisters cunt gets pampered

This  Colorado chick straddles the old man so she can feel his fat penis deep in her cunt.. Riding the fat penis so hard the dumb cunt almost knocks over the lamp on the table. Luckily that didn’t phase the brother none, that perv was able to keep his camera on his sisters tight round butt the whole time she rode Richards fat dick. Download full video

Delilah Daze Gets On Dick
Brother Gets A Closer Look

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Butterfly Haze Accidental Creampie


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I just posted two new galleries me working with the delectable hard-bodied teenager Butterfly Haze. It’s a set we did a while back but I re-edited it because we lost the original master copy. Here are a few images from the free teenager porno galleries for you too enjoy. Click on the photograph to visit the galleries.

The first picture is of me and the tanned hard-bodied Butterfly Haze in the kitchen chatting over chips and soda. It’s from the first of two free galleries, the one where  I get a few minutes to chill with the cute brown haired before tasting her pussy for the first time.

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Talking Her Into Fucking

This is where the real fun first started…  Notice the sexy butterfly tattoos on her side – this coed is in love with butterflies. This picture is from the 2?nd gallery – the one where you can watch my jizz dripping out of her sweet little teenager pussy.

Getting Ready For The Fun

Another picture from the first free gallery. This one is is where I get to taste Butterfly’s sweet teenager pussy for the first time. Peeling her underwear to the side, I indulge myself in the sweetness of her depths.

Eating Butterfly Haze For Breakfast

And the last picture is the one you’ve been waiting for – the one of jizz dripping out of the hard-bodied teenager‘s petite cunt. I figured I dumped most of my load in the creampie but still managed to spatter Butterfly’s ass cheeks with a decent amount of jizz and the majority dripped from her cunt.

Oops, I Came In Her pussy ;)

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My Sister Has A Faultless Round Booty


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Dude, I never had a clue that my sister had such a impeccable round booty but after the little slut pawned my tools, I pimped her butt out and even filmed my own sister fucking some old bastard – the fucker even paid me to fuck my sister! It all started when my sister pawned my tile tools – I need then for a job and the cunt didn’t have the bucks to get them out. I had read in the paper a few weeks back that there was a company in town called Bring Me Your Sister that lets guys settle their debits with their sisters by trading an amateur cunt porno shoot of the guy’s sister for a few cash bucks. They even let the brother shoot his sister fucking. I immediately called the guy at the amateur cunt porno site and he said “Bring Me Your Sister” and he would fuck the hell out of her and pay me the bucks that I needed to get my tools out of pawn. An hour later I was holding a camera just inches from my little sister’s impeccable round butt as an old man hammered her sweet little cunt with his fat old boner. If you want to see the porno shoot I made of my sister fucking – then check it out on Bring Me Your Sister now.

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My Sister – Gracelynn Moans

See my sister getting fucked – only on

My Tattooed Sister Let Me Film Her Fucking


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I’m sure there are guys out there that love fantasizing about their sister so when my sister fucked up my new gaming PC I knew my dream of filming my sister fucking would come true. I had been a member of Bring Me Your Sister for months and I was just waiting for my sister to fuck up so I could drag her to them and video my sister fucking in her first porn.  What she doesn’t know is I’m the one that disabled the water-cooler on my PC – knowing that she would overheat the processor and would have to pay me back. The fact that I wanted a new processor was beside the point. What I really wanted was to see my sister’s pussy up-close.

Me Filming My Tattooed Sister Fucking

Me Filming My Tattooed Sister Fucking

And yes – my sister is that stupid. After realizing that she had no way to pay me back, the little skank agreed to making her first porno scene and I was going to video it. It was a bigger turn-on than I had imagined – my sister’s amazing hooters bouncing inches from my face and her sweet little cunt stuffed to the brim with the fat boner of the guy that runs Bring Me Your Sister – and I was filming it all.

My Sister Fucks As I Film It

My Sister Fucks As I video It

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Strawberry Blonde Loves Penis


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19-year-old  strawberry blonde Abigail Blower is the newest addition to the Glass Mannequin team doing her 1st two hardcore porno videos for Bring Me Your Sister, her first on-camera lesbian encounter for Real Colorado Girls with the fabulous Alison Rapture and her first orgy film for Glass Mannequin. It may take us a few weeks to get all of the videos posted but Alison’s first hardcore video is already on Bring Me Your Sister and there’s also a free gallery to give you an idea how perverted this strawberry blonde teenager can get.

Abigail Blower On Camera For The First Time

Abigail Blower On Camera For The First Time

The above picture is from Abigail’s first hardcore video – it’s also her first time ever with a man over 50 and as you can see in the next picture, this errant little blonde has no problem sucking the old man’s fat boner. In fact, in this same video, Abigail sucks the spunk out of the old man in her first swallowing film – what a whore! LOL

Abigail Blower "Blows" An Old Man's Fat Cock

Abigail Blower “Blows” An Old Man’s Fat boner For The First Time As Her Brother videos Her

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Abigail Blower Braces For Her First good-sized Cock

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