Perverted Fun With Smokie Flame


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Some coeds are just naughty and Smokie Flame is one of the naughtiest girl’s I’ve ever fucked – this dwarf redhead fuck-hussy loves boner and it doesn’t even bother her that her brother is just inched from her boner-filled cunt. I’ve worked a few times for Smokie Flame but the most memorable was out first shoot for Bring Me Your Sister where her brother filmed her sucking and fucking my throbbing boner.

Naughty Fun With Smokie Flame

The sex with Smokie Flame was so top-notch that I can’t even remember what what she did to piss her off but this first video clip led to us filming again – not only for Bring Me Your Sister but also for Glass Mannequin. You can also follow Smokie Flame on Twitter – while you’re at it, follow me, Richard Nailder on twitter too for the latest updates to all of my sites. But before you run off, enjoy this free trailer of my first time fucking the naughty little redhead Smokie Flame.

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Teen Camel Toe


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Anistaija was one of the first amateur cunt models to ever work for Glass Mannequin and she is still one of the cutest skinny coeds I’ve ever known. These images of her masturbating by pulling her pink underwear into her shaved little teenager cunt and making a real sexy camel toe were taken a few weeks after I first met her. Her and her girlfriend had stopped by the abode to chill in the hot tub and Anistaija was feeling real horny. She kept playing with her puffy clitoris and pierced nipples as we sat around the kitchen so I asked her if I could get the camera out and take a few images of her finger-fucking herself before we got in the hot tub. She was more than willing so I grabbed the camera, handed a clip camera to her coed friend and we proceeded to film this cute teen playing whit her clitoris.

Teen Model Anistaija Masturbates sfm camel toe amateur plts gndskinny

Teen Model Anistaija Masturbates

I never could get her to take her little pink suit completely off because she said she liked the way it felt on her clitoris as she pulled on it – personnel I liked the sexy camel toe it was making and from the look on her face, she was enjoying it plenty. Now Anistaija is normally pretty quiet when she cums but this time she panted, gasped and threw back her fellatio – rolling her eyes back in her fellatio as her orgasm caused her tight little pussy to spasm uncontrollably.  Damn – I couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to feel that on my already throbbing penis.  If you hunger for to see this sexy teenager getting fucked then check out her hardcore porno on Glass Mannequin today.

Teen Camel Toe

Teen Camel Toe

So – I made two free picture galleries of this cute teenager model where you can see her camel toe all for your self. Of course, to see all of Anistaija’s camel toe masturbation pics, you should join Glass Mannequin – do it today and I’ll give you free access to Bring Me Your Sister and Real Colorado Girls for the same price. Welcome to Mr. Richard’s Neighborhood ;-)

Pussy For A Ride


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Delilah Daze needed a ride to work one afternoon and decide to stop by the neighbors residence to trade pussy for a ride. When she arrived, she interrupted the old man while he was making his coffee, getting ready to start his day. The old man just couldn’t control himself around this teenage sluts’ tight round ass, perky cans, and grand olive skin and was soon overcome by her presence.

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He threw this petite brunette on the kitchen table and starts to devour on her sexy tight pussy. His tongue feels so exquisite, this horny cunt shoves his fellatio deeper in her cunt.

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The dirty neighbor got her pussy dripping wet when he spread her sexy pink pussy lips and tickled that hoes clitoris with the tip of his tongue. View the free trailer.

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She’d had enough and had to have his large cock.  Letting that meat slide so smoothly down her throat, it felt like he died and gone to heaven. You can stream and download the homemade sex video here.

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Wet And Wild Coeds In The Shower


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Who ever says shower sex is over rated has never seen what goes on in Mr. Richards bathroom.  These slutty teens get all wet and wild and not from the water pouring over their hard firm bodies. To see more of what happens in Mr. Richards bathroom Join Glass Mannequin.

Two teens in wet T-shirts

Two teenagers in wet T-shirts

Dropping to her knees Josie Joe uses her sweet tight mouth to pull on Lezlie’s white g-string exposing the bitches tight shaved pussy. With her pierced nipples hard as a rock you know this cunt is enjoying every bit of Josie  foreplay. To See more sexy bitches get wet and wild Join Glass Mannequin.

sexy teen bites panties

sexy teenager bites panties

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Maxi Booty First Porno


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Maxi Booty has become a regular on all three of our sites, Bring Me Your SisterGlass Mannequin and Real Colorado Girls, but like every amateur cunt smut model, Maxi had to have a “first video” – and lucky for us, it was a hardcore shoot with the old bastard that runs Glass Mannequin Productions, Mr. Richard Nailder himself. Maxi was trying to decide if she could let her brother film her for Bring and wanted to see what it was like being filmed – she also wanted to see if she could handle the old man’s fat pecker before having her brother just inches from her cunt in what was to be billed as her first smut vid so she let us film her the night before in a private vid audition. Here are a few images from her audition.

Maxi Booty First Porn Video

Maxi Booty First smut Video

Maxi is a cute flaxen teen that started smut with us and went on to do dozens of clips with companies in Florida and California – but it all started with this amateur cunt vid of her and an older man. It was a beautiful summer day and Maxi’s beautiful curly flaxen hair glistened in the sunlight as she sucked the old man’s fat pecker for the first time. Download more clips of her than you can get anywhere else on internet by joining Glass Mannequin today.

Maxi Booty Sucks Her First Cock On Camera

Maxi Booty Sucks Her First pecker On Camera

The short teen form Colorado Springs must have enjoyed it because she soon had her legs spread as the old man mounted her and stuffed his fat pecker deep into her shaved teen pussy for the first time. She was now officially a Glass Mannequin chick – you know, he kind of chick that can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch….   the kind of chick that lets you film her with your pecker buried deep in her wet little cunt, then lets you spunk all over her great titties and cute teen smile. See her smut audition – only on Glass Mannequin.

Maxi Booty Amateur Porn Audition

Maxi Booty amateur cunt smut Audition

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Teen Sex To Kill For


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I’ve seen a lot of errant teens in my days but watching Maxi Booty from Real Colorado Girls tease this old man was the kind of sex I’d kill for. To start with, I love blue jeans shorts and red panties and to finish with, I love watching a cute girl’s cunt being filled to the brim with a fat throbbing schlong – sex to kill for with Maxi Booty – Only on

Teen Sex To Kill For

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Teen Sex To Kill For

Download the full video

Teen Sex To Kill For

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Spunk In His Sister’s Coed Cunt


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Last week I showed you most of the video vids of me fucking Kaydence Skye as her brother filmed it – this week, I’ll let you see me cumming all over her shaved little cunt then stuffing my erection back in her tight little cunt and finishing my orgasm – creampie style. If you yearn for to know the entire story on how I got to fuck this tattooed teenager cheerleader, you’ll have to read the earlier posts but let me just say, she’s as fun to watch as she is to fuck – you can even ask her brother because he was the one holding the camera only inches from his sister’s little cunt as I fucked her tight little pussy.  Hell – you can download the entire video on Bring Me Your Sister and enjoy more than these pissy little teasers.

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In fact – there are a ton of hot “sisters” being filmed by their brothers in their very first porno video on my site – Bring Me Your Sister – no where else can you see such kinky family sex – where brothers pimp their sisters out in their very first porno video just to get a little retribution. And yes, I’m pretty sure thses brothers all go flat and jerk off to their sister’s films. After all, it’s the closest you can legally get to your sister’s pussy – visit Bring Me Your Sister to see more hot sister porno.

Buddy, You Filmed Your Sister Fucking


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You are a sick bastard – and I love the way you think. If my sister was still young and sexy, I’d have her ass tied to a bed and shoot her getting fucked too. As it is, all my sisters are old and ugly but I’ll be more than happy to fuck your sexy little sister as you shoot us.In fact, as I was fucking Hannah, Josh’s little sister, she kept scratching me so, with the help of her brother,  I tied the little cunt to the bed and fucked her little cunt right proper. Josh filmed me fucking his sister and you can see all of her shoot at

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Of course, I’m pretty sure Josh as a bit more than a grudge against his little sister, Hannah, I think he wanted to see his little sister’s shaved pussy. He kept zooming real close as I hammered my throbbing schlong deep in his sister’s little pussy. She would bed, “harder, harder” as I fucked her despite her brother being right there filming. I think it secretly turned her on to have her brother filming her, after all, the little cunt fucked his dad – that’s why he was so fucking pissed at her. I put a fe video clips here for you to enjoy but I put the full-length sister smut movies on Bring Me Your Sister

It was hard not to semen inside of his sister but I did my best. She worked her tight coed cunt up and down on my throbbing schlong as her brother filmed her first smut video. She even forgot he was her brother as she fucked my throbbing schlong harder and harder. I knew it wouldn’t be much longer before I shot a mammoth load of sticky cumm all over her tiny little melons but I wanted to hold out as onng as possible. Her tiny sister pussy kept working my schlong as if she had doe this before. Her brother was ready as I covered his sister in semen and we put all the Sister Porn scenes on Bring Me Your Sister in DVD quality so be sure to check them out today.

Piper Brady Takes A Fat Old Schlong


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Piper Brady showed up ready to fuck but she had no idea the old man she was meeting at the hotel had such a fat boner and she was just itching to feel it’s massive girth stretch her little cunt to it’s limits. But first the old man’s fat boner deserved a little mouth-love so the cute brunette teen ran her pierced tongue across the fellatio of the old man’s boner before engulfing it’s entire length in her warm wet mouth. Download the video and picsview the free trailer or see the free gallery.

Piper Brady Sucks The Old Man's Fat Cock

Piper Brady Sucks The Old Man’s Fat Cock

Of course – we all long for to see if the luscious teenager bimbo Piper Brady can fit that old man’s fat boner in her small little cunt so Piper…. put that phat teenager booty in the air, let your good-sized titties hang, and back your sexy round butt onto the old man’s fat old boner – push back till you feel the his fat boner balls-deep in your small little cunt – then repeat………. That’s right – fuck the old bastard like the teenage floozy you are and I’ll put the video on Glass Mannequin for everyone to jerk off to.

Piper Brady "Backs It Up" For The Old Man

Piper Brady “Backs It Up” For The Old Man

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Lick My Pussy Till I Cum


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If you think babe on babe is hot then your gonna love this shoot. With amateur cunt smut star Butterfly Haze and Tasha Burke back on the vid its only a matter of time before these sexy whores bring out their wild side. To see what happens when these dirty sluts are left alone Join Glass Mannequin.

A Kiss To Remember

A Kiss To Remember

Loving the way cunt taste, this sexy brunette spreads Butterflies wings and sends her soaring into an orgasm you wouldn’t desire to miss. Download Full Movie

Eating Pussy

Eating Pussy

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