Spread My Sisters Ass Cheeks And Fuck Her Hard


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Go ahead…. grab my sister’s butt, spread her cheeks and stuff your fat penis deep in her little cunt….. and I’ll shoot it and you can put it up on Bring Me Your Sister. That’s exactly what happened when I pimped my skinny tattooed sister to the perverts at Bring Me Your Sister. If you like to see whorish sister’s butt spread and her little cunt getting filled with a penis fatter than her own wrist, then you need to check out these free vid videos I made of my sister fucking. cunt getting filled with a penis fatter than her own wrist, then you need to check out these free vid videos I made of my sister fucking. Download the full sister porno vid now – only at Bring Me Your Sister

Spread My Sisters Ass Cheeks And Fuck Her Hard

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Spread My Sisters Ass Cheeks And Fuck Her Hard

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Spread My Sisters Ass Cheeks And Fuck Her Hard

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Violet Little In Her First Smut


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One nice thing about working for Glass Mannequin Productions is the fact that we get to do all the filming for Glass Mannequin, Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me Your Sister and by far the funnest shoots we set are the ones where desperate brothers pimp out their sisters for a few buck coin. That’s exactly how we first met Violet Little. This 4-foot 11-inch brunette with the d-cup brazier had pissed off her brother so bad he was ready to shoot her in her teenager smut audition – yes you heard me, her brother was taking the camera from the old man at Bring Me Your Sister and getting ready to shoot his own little sister getting fucked for the first time on camera.

Violet Little Looks Shocked As Her Brother Takes The Camera Brother violetlittle xxxp sisp oldny eighteen 1tm bnts petite brunette amateur teen sbj hcm pufm cum facial

Violet Little Looks Shocked As Her Brother Takes The Camera Brother

You can see a hint of terror on his sister’s face as he takes the camera but the terror soon turns to passion as this mischievous young mom starts kissing the older man that runs Bring Me Your Sister. His sister later told me that when she climbed up on the old man’s knee she could feel his monstrous dick through her shorts and she was immediately turned on – that’s when she first decided she wanted to be fucked – she wanted to feel the old man’s monstrous dick in her already dripping wet teenager pussy – even if her brother was right there with a camera filming – she wanted that monstrous dick!

Violet Soon Forgets Her Brother And Starts Kissing The Old Man

Violet Soon Forgets Her Brother And Starts Kissing The Old Man

But every proper porn audition needs a carpet munching film and although she later stated that it was difficult waiting to feel that monstrous dick, she sure enjoyed the foreplay and as she put it The old man knows how to devour pussy”. Playing with her hard nipples, the young mom ignored her brother as the old man peeled back the hood of her clit and licked gently on her little rose-button clit.

Violet's Brother Films Her Getting Her Sweet Teen Pussy Licked

Violet’s Brother vids Her Getting Her Sweet teenager pussy Licked

By now the short brunette was ready for some of that huge dick she had been riding as her and the old man had made out. Kneeling in front of him, she unbuttoned his pants in anticipation. In the shoot you can actually she Violet grin as she gets her first glimpse of a pornstar size cock…… she obviously liked what she saw. Download the full shoot here.

Violet Bites Her Lip In Excitement As She Unbuttons The Old Man's Pants

Violet Bites Her Lip In Excitement As She Unbuttons The Old Man’s Pants

But no smut audition is complete without a blow job and this cute young mom was looking forward to slobbering all over the old man’s dick. In fact, I think she even forgot that it was her brother holding the camera as his sister tasted the monstrous dick for the first time. When I later talked to Richard he said that Violet gave some of the best fellatio he had ever had and he was really hoping that his scrumptious young thing would be back to do more shoots. As it turns out, he got his way – this was just the first of over a dozen hardcore shoots Violet Little has made since she first auditioned – all included in your membership at Bring Me Your Sister.

Violet Little Teases The Huge Cock In Her Porn Audition

Violet Little Teases The monstrous dick In Her smut Audition

I know – you’ve all been waiting to get a look at his sister’s pussy – so have I! ;) Even better if it’s poised to take the old man’s monstrous dick. Any brother would be proud to get pictures of his sister’s pussy this good and Violet’s brother was no exception. Getting close her brother got this perfect shot of his sister fingering her clit as the tip of the monstrous dick enters her wetness.

Violet Little Gets Her First Huge Cock On Camera

Violet Little Gets Her First monstrous dick On Camera

In this picture from Violet’s teenager smut audition you can see the energy this dainty teenager brings to smut – slamming his monstrous dick balls-deep in the short teenager’s dainty cunt, the old man fucked the dainty chick like she had never been fucked before – and she loved every second of it! Download the full shoot here.

Slamming A Huge Cock Deep In His Sister

Slamming A monstrous dick Deep In His Little Sister

Thirty seven minutes from the time her brother took the camera in his hand, his sister looked up to see a monstrous load of sticky cream flying at her face – her lucky brother had just filmed his sister receiving her first facial! His little sister had just completed her sister smut audition and was now covered in cream.

Violet Little Gets Her Audition Facial

Violet Little Gets Her Audition Facial

I thought I would post one last picture of this up-and cumming pornstar – looks like she had a awesome time and it wasn’t long and she was back for more of the old man’s fat dick. Join Bring Me Your Sister today to download the full video – including Violet Little’s first on-screen orgasm.

Looks Like Violet Had Fun - More To Come ;)

Looks Like Violet Had Fun – More To Come ;)

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Richard Nailder And Thena Sky


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Thena Sky has been a dear friend since just after her 18th birthday when I met her at a local club. Thena even lived at my place for a few months between jobs. Thena’s cute looks normally match her sweet personality but during this shoot she was being a little cunt. It all started before the shoot – she had been texting a new guy that she really wanted to fuck  and she was all horny from texting the dumb fucker. Before the shoot the shoot, this little cunt told me she would be thinking about her telephone sex man and pretending it was him stuffing his hard penis deep in her small little cunt. Oh well – so she would rather think about a younger guy as the old bastard fucker her tight little pussy – what do I care? I’m the one that’s going to shoot my hot sticky spunk all over her skinny teenager body.

RichardNailder ThenaSky xxxp shaved oldny skinny plts forgasm amateur teen brunette gnd hym

Richard Nailder: Thena Sky

Anyway, about 3/4 through the shoot I was fucking her pretty hard when I had the nervethe f to say something to her….   The little cunt turned to me and said “Richard, would you shut the fuck up! You’re ruining it for me…..” Oh well, at least I got to fuck her – even if she would rather dream about someone else ;-)

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Thena Sky’s First Unclad Pictures


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One of my favorite amateur cunt models ever is the tall skinny brunette Thena Sky. Thena has just made a return to porno and is again shooting for Glass MannequinReal Colorado Girls and but it was on Glass Mannequin that Thena Sky first showed her lovely little cooder to the public. This natural looking chick-next-door had always dreamed of being a coed model and being a chick that loves sex, she had no opposition to taking her blouse off and showing us her superlative little fun bags with their pink areolas and their little gum-drop nipples. She then slowly proceeded to play with herself under her underwear, teasing us even more before pulling her white cotton underwear to the side and sliding her finger into her wet little cunt for us all to see – Thena Sky was a naughty little thing during her coed porno audition. Download all the pics in a convenient zip file or view the free amateur cunt porno galley of this delectable coed model..

Thena Sky Teen Porn Audition 1tm brunette skinny plts shaved amateur teen sfm panties gnd nudes

Thena Sky coed porno Audition

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Fuck My Sister


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Fuck My Sister DivaDuz ebony teen petite interracial gnd sisp xxxp oldnyMy stupid fucking sister can’t stay out of trouble no matter what she does. This little ho threw a fucking party and trashed my signed football Jersey – the fucking cunt got pizza stains on it – wore it around like it was her fucking shirt. Little sisters are a pain in the butt anyway but mine is a little cunt. The little cunt just grins and acts like it’s all cool – I’d whip my little sista’s butt but that would get me hauled away – so I looked for a better way to fuck my sister over. When I saw the add in the paper – I knew the little cunt would finally pay me back.

I told her to get her black butt booty ready cuz we was fixin to go earn some dough. When the old white bastard answered the door – and told her that she’d be making porn, the little twit just grinned. She was a little freaked out when she heard that I would be filming it. The old fucker handed me a camera and my little sister started sucking his white butt meat. From the expressions on the old white fart’s face, my little sister can suck meat! The old fart then pushed her up on the couch and proceeded to hammer her black butt booty.

After the old bastard had hammered my sisters cunt for long enough, he blew a huge load of hot white cream all over her black coed ass.

Watching your little sister fucking is something that a brother just shouldn’t have to do but filming some old white guy fucking her as retaliation is killer. I kept a copy of the shoot to show my homies – you can see some of the scenes of the old guy as I shoot him Fuck My Sister Diva

Errant Computer Time


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Home alone this sexy teen decides to do a little computer chatting with some online buddies. Never one to be shy around a camera Blaze Burns gets comfortable by stripping down to just her g-string.. With her perfect Natural knockers out and her young half-nude body you can tell this Colorado tease is going to put on a Special show for her friends online.. To watch this horny teenager get mischievous for the web Join Glass Mannequin


With Both leg in the air this slutty teen shows her friends online a petite peek of her shaved pierced cunt. Download Full Movie and see all of  Blaze Burns young body and petite cunt.


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Teenager Lesbian Teens Play With Dildos


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Redhead LadyLez and brunette ThenaSky teen amateur porn models dildo gfm plts gnd

When I asked Lady Lex and Thena Sky if they wanted to make an amateur cunt porno together, they both jumped at the offer. Lady had been waiting to get hold of the firm-bodied Thena and now she was going to get to fuck her on camera. On the day of the filming, Lady selected a couple of dildos from my sextoy collection as I set up the lights. As soon as I was ready, the teenagers moved to the bedroom and started making out. It wasn’t long until they were kissing and feeling each other’s firm coed bodies. I tried to concentrate on taking pictures but it was impossible not to get an schlong – as the teenagers worked the dildo’s in and out of their wet cunts.

Watching Thena’s perky little titties and Lady’s full natural cans, I could not help but to dream what it would be like to ram my hard dick into their wet cunts – my mind wandered and I imagined that it was my dick in Thena’s tight coed cunt. I had no idea that with a few days, I would get the chance to feel my dick in her tight wet cunt.

Back to the shoot of these two bi-sexual coed girls… Thena and Lady had a first-class time testing testing out my collection of sex toys. Lady worked Thena’s tight cunt with the pink sex-toy until she had her squirming and cumming in waves. Thena then returned the favor…. and all I could do was take pictures. If you like coed cunt half as much as I do, you should check out all the pictures here.

Holie Marie Masturbates Part 1


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With her sexy pink and black panties on this naughty girl knows she looks good. Sliding her silk panties to the side so she can rub her sweet cunt, you can tell Holie Marie is enjoying herself masturbating. To see more of this Colorado tease Join Glass Mannequin

Bending over this skanky teen shows the camera man a little peek of her nice tight butt and wet shaved pussy…. To watch more of this sexy redhead  Join Glass Mannequin

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Mixie Roo First Smut


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Its no secret that siblings get into fights over shit all the time. So when this skinny sandy finds a teddy bear in her  room with a hidden camera in it she was pissed. Blaming her froward brother this angry cunt breaks his blue-ray player. When the brother found out what his skanky sister did,all he wanted to do was get vengeance so he brought the little bimbo to the old mans from the ad.To see Mixie Roo first porn Join Bring Me Your Sister

Mixie Roo First Porn

Mixie Roo First Porn

Here’s the brothers point of view of his naughty little sister’s pretty pierced pussy… Download Full Movie

pretty pierced pussy

pretty pierced pussy

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Fuck My Sisters Tight Teen Pussy


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Hey, my sisters (both of them) are little cunts! They are always wrecking my stuff and never paying me back so when I saw this guys add in the paper – I decided to get a little retribution.  Seems this old guy would pay brothers to bring their sisters in so he could fuck them – and shoot it. Best part is the brothers get to do the filming! First I drug Thena in cuz the little cunt fucked up my Harley – fuckin her boyfriend on it and knocked it over. So I fucked her over – by filming her first porno video clip!

KiriStarr brunette skinny teen amateur gnd plts xxxp sisp pufp

Well, Thena learned her lesson but my other sister, Kiri is just as fucking stupid as Thena. The little cunt had to let one of her friends use my turn table and the erection sucker fucked it all up. Cost me $700.00 and my little sister was going to fuck to pay me back! I loaded her in the wheels and drug her to Papa’s apartment where he read her the riot act – then made her not-so-innocent little cunt fuck his jumbo old erection. I’m pretty sure Kiri liked it a whole lot more than my youngest sister Thena cuz the little cunt had at least two orgasms.

fucking my sister

Now I’m not into watching my sisters getting fucked but it was real sweet seeing Papa take a little retribution out on their sweet coed pussies. It was even nicer that I got to watch it all – even got to hold the camera and get real close and personal. Not like a secret voyeur, but more like a fucking perv. Seeing my sister’s nekkid and getting fucked was a little weird but well worth it.

my sister\'s first porn video

If you lust after to watch your sister getting fucked, you need to drag their asses to Papa – he’ll even let you shoot it all. Nothing like a little “sister porn” to make a brother happy. To see both my sister’s getting hot sperm shot all over their skinny coed bodies, check out papa’s web site at www.bringmeyoursister.com