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Amateur Cunt Coed Sex


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 06-02-2017

18 year old Anistaija loves to fuck so when she got a chance to fuck her boyfriend in front of the camera, this little teen cunt jumped at the chance. Anistaija told us she likes immense schlongs but as her boyfriend first stuffed his fat meat in her itty bitty shaved pussy, she winced like she had never been fucked before. This didn’t bother her friend any as he hammered his immense meat deep in her tight teen pussy. Watching these two horny coeds having sex was the highlight of my month. Anistaija’s flawless tits and wet little cut exposed for the world to see and her boyfriend hammering it like it was their first time.  You can see all the pics and shoot on Glass Mannequin. You can also see Anistaija on Bring Me Your Sister and Real Colorado Girls.

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Amateur coeds Having Sex

It only took a minute for this short teen to back all the way onto his immense meat – sure she moaned a little but feeling his throbbing meat in her itty bitty little cunt was turning her on. Anistaija was horny as hell by now and wanted her friends meat as deep as he could thrust it and every time he slowed down, she would back onto him keeping his meat deep in her wet little cunt.  See the shoot at Glass Mannequin.

Teen Sex

Teen Sex

OK – enough of teasing you – I told you Anistaija had a sexy little pussy – so here’s one quick picture. To see all the pics and scenes of this teen couple having sex, join Glass Mannequin – and when you do, you also get full access to two additional exclusive amateur cunt porno sites: Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me Your Sister. The content on these sites is all shot by the same crew using real amateurs recruited from the local area. None of their amateur cunt models have ever done professional porno so you are guaranteed fresh faces and clean shaved teen pussy.

Amateur Pussy Exposed

Amateur pussy Exposed

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Amateur Cunt Coed Fucks Her Itty Bitty Coed Cunt


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 31-01-2017

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Jayda showed up at the studio to do a glamor set but it appears that the cute teen had other things planned. Sneaking a purple toy in with her, she soon showed us just how errant she could be. Peeling her purple panties to the side, she flashed her shaved little cunt at the photographer.

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Of course he caught the babe flashing her itty bitty teenager cunt on shoot. The real surprise came when the teenager tramp pulled out a colossal purple toy and started stuffing it deep in her itty bitty teenager cunt, sliding the toy over her fat clit and then slowly pushing it deep into her wet little cunt.

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It got real hot when she got on her knees and poked her firm teenager ass in the air. The purple toy still sliding in and out of her wet cunt, she showed us jut how deep she likes to be fucked. When she rolled back over and pulled the toy slowly out, you could see the semen dripping from her little teenager cunt. Lucky for us, there are plenty of closeups of her little pussy.

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I put a few of the shoot captures here but to see the entire DVD quality shoot, you really should check out the website

Sexy Couple Caught Fucking On Camera By Old Perv


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 14-01-2017

Isis Starr of Real Colorado Girls is just like every other horny teenager out there that still lives at place with mommy….horny and unable to fuck under their moms roof. Lucky for this little bitch the old man down the way allowed for her and the boyfriend to fuck in his dwelling. The Old man must have heard them fucking because not soon after Isis’s boyfriend started pounding her tight sweet cunt,  he was at the door with a camera in hand. To see more of the what the old man was lucky enough to capture Stream free trailer and or Join Real Colorado Girls

Busted While Fucking

Busted While Fucking

BUSTED!!!!! The old pervert was enjoying the show so much he pushed against the door and was soon caught, camera in hand. Well Dave has a really slutty girlfriend because when busted by the old pervert she was not hesitant to let the old man join in. Laying the little cunt on her back the two horny men are slowly teasing her and taking the time to play with Isis’s perky fun bags and rock hard nipples. To see more of this Colorado whore get ready to take two meat Join Glass Mannequin

Naughty Three-some

Naughty Three-some

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Mr. Richard Fucks Another Short Teenager


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 10-01-2017

I know – I’m a pig! But I truly love stuffing my fat penis as deep as possible in cute short teenagers wet little cunts and when I first met the little little Delilah Daze, I knew that one day I would be stuffing my penis balls-deep in her little little cunt. But now without first playing with her grand round ass, getting a faultless blow job and fucking her feet for a bit. Now it’s all on Real Colorado babes for you to enjoy in the privacy of your own home.

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Fucking Delilahs Feet

I know – this is just a picture of Delilah’s little feet – Size 3 for Christ sake, my penis is bigger than her little feet. If you like little feet – then you have to see this movie. Also, if you like a small teenager with a grand round booty then you will want to join Real Colorado Girls today and watch the entire movie of this little teen slut fucking on camera.

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Perfect teen Booty

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Creampie In A Cumslut


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 06-12-2016

At Real Colorado Girls we’re always looking for undamaged amateur cunt porno scenes and when we got our hands on this self-shot video clip of cumslut Indica Young riding a whopping cock then taking a whopping load of hot sticky semen in her shaved teenager cunt – creampie style. For those of you that don’t know Indica, she’s another Glass Mannequin Productions exclusive with members being able to view ever nasty amateur cunt video clip Indica ever made.

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Cumslut Indica Young Riding A whopping Cock

View the free gallery, free trailer or start downloading the full video now.

Two Mischievous Neighbor Teenagers


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 01-12-2016

Brand new free smut gallery of Richard Nailder and two nasty neighbor girls Violet Little and Alison Rapture. What starts as the girls getting frisky soon turns into a full-on boy-coed-coed three-some with plenty of double blowjobs, cuntmunching while fucking and coed-on-coed hardcore sex. For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of meeting the girls, Violet is the cute brunette milf with the over sized natural hooters and Alison is the hard-bodied redhead with the firm coed hooters and the puffy coed cunt.  View the free trailer or download the full video.

Two Naughty Neighbor Girls

I Love Fucking In The Mountains!!!!


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 28-11-2016

Shaye Baxter is like most young teenagers; full of life and adventure. So when this skinny dwarf teenager found out that GMP was going to the mountains to do a shoot Shaye was eager to go. It wasn’t long till a stroll in the woods became a afternoon of fucking. See this hot brunettes fun in the sun and everything in between Join Real Colorado Girls

Fucking Outside

Fucking Outside

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Jager Nightly Has A Wild Night


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 23-11-2016

Jager Nightly is back for a little extra bucks to pay for fucking up her brother’s auto. Wasn’t enough that she had the auto impounded but this dumb cunt also trashed it. Having her friends in the auto resorted with puke on the floor, stains on the seats,  broken bottles , and trash everywhere. With the total coming out to $750 this Colorado slut has a whopping debt to pay her brother.To see Jager Nightly pay her debt in full join Bring Me Your Sisters

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Brother Pimps Out Sister Jager

Jager Nightly loves getting that round butt teased before she gets fucked by a fat penis . Watching his nasty sister get her briefs soaked by a old man, is really one way of getting sweet retribution, but at the same time i think Jager brother is enjoying himself a little to much. Capturing the whole thing on video you can see the errant brothers close ups by visiting Bring Me Your Sisters

Old Man Gets A Better Look..

Old Man Gets A Better Look..

If you long for to see the entire video clip that her brother made, then visit Bring Me Your Sister now or if you long for to see more of Jager Nightly visit Glass Mannequin or Real Colorado chick.

Sexy Thena Sky


Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 17-11-2016

Real Colorado Girls has a few favorites and this amazingly sexy brunette is one of them. Thena has been with us from the start and we have thousands of photograph and dozens of movies of this sexy young Colorado chick. Enjoy these teaser pics of our favorite skinny slut or join Real Colorado Girls and watch this little slut lick teen pussy and take fat erections ball-deep in her sweet little cunt. Download all the images or check out some of the other sexy Real Colorado Girls either way you win.

Sexy Thena Sky

Download all the images

Sexy Thena Sky

All the images zipped

Sexy Thena Sky

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Posted by admin | Posted in Stupid Little Cunts | Posted on 13-11-2016

Each of you knows someone that is a total fucking sextard – you know, the guy (or gal) that is totally retarded when it comes to getting laid……   Well in my case, I become a total sextard after about 2/3rds a bottle of Jack – add a pretty coed to the vid and I’m totally clueless. This pic was shot at one of my parties – and I’m betting I didn’t have any pants on either  but lucky for you – the camera person saved you the agony of looking at my dong while I was in sextard mode.

Sextards VioletLittle hym

Sextard With Violet Little

In any case, being in smut subjects me to a lot of sextards – like the lady at Walgreens that asks why I bring in a different neighbor coed each week for the “day-after-pill”, or dumb ass wigger that thinks he’ll be the next smut superstar with his massive 5? white-boy penis. Sure, many of the girls are sextards too. Like the time Shay first saw my over-sized erection and threw up her hands and said “no fucking way”, I just grinned and said, “watch me”. After ramming the entire thing in her tight little teenager cunt, I looked at her and said YES FUCKING WAY, SEXTARD!

Or the time Baily showed up for a photo shoot with a yeast infection so bad that I could have had cottage cheese and peaches if I had just remembered to bring the fucking peaches. coed, wash your cunt before a fucking disrobed photo shoot, SEXTARD!

And don’t forget the dumbass on MySpace that sends a coed a picture of his erection and asks if she wants to fuck – stupid fuckin move SEXTARD!

I could go on, but you get the picture.

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